The Planning Process

Developing a new plan to invest in Edina’s parks.

Edina residents continue to play an important role in helping identify the needs of Braemar Arena and Park and Fred Richards Park by providing input on how to improve both areas. City leaders received community input during the park system’s master planning process, which included community meetings, online surveys and ongoing public engagement through various communications channels.

Fred Richards Park planning began in late 2016, including:

Four stakeholder meetings

with economic development staff, Three Rivers Park District and the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District, as well as athletic associations and high school students.

Four community meetings

and an online commuity survey

Braemar Park planning began in 2017, including:

Three community meetings

and three online community surveys.

Regular updates and invitations

to residents via social media and email.

In 2021, the State Legislature authorized the City to propose a half-percent sales tax to finance $39.3 million in improvements at Braemar and Fred Richards parks. During the 2022 session, the City asked the Legislature to allow Edina voters to consider using the same sales tax to provide an additional $25.3 million for the Braemar Arena expansion. Ultimately, lawmakers could not agree on the omnibus tax bill, which included the Arena expansion request. The local sales tax was approved in November 2022.
City leaders said if voters approved Phase One, they would move to complete the investment plan by pursuing the expansion of Braemar Arena. In the spring of 2023, the City received legislative approval to allow Edina residents to decide whether to use the same half-percent sales tax to fund the Braemar Arena expansion plan. Edina voters approved the expansion plan in November 2023.

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