Needs & Priorities

Edina’s commitment to quality living

Edina’s vibrant quality of life continues to make it a destination to live, work and play as the city’s population has grown 13 percent over the past decade. Investing in our city’s parks and recreational amenities will continue to attract new residents, draw visitors to local businesses and support the local economy.

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Braemar Park is the largest recreational space in Edina, featuring Braemar Arena, Braemar Field, Courtney Fields complex, Braemar Golf Course and Braemar Golf Dome.

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Fred Richards Park, affectionately known as “The Fred,” is a closed executive golf course that will be transformed into a vibrant 43-acre park with a variety of amenities that will help residents reconnect with nature and each other. The Nine Mile Creek Regional Trail runs through the park.

Residents identified a number of top priorities

Throughout the process to plan for the future of Braemar Park and Arena and Fred Richards, Edina residents provided the City with important guidance through community meetings and online surveys. Residents highlighted several important priorities, including:
  • More ice time. Edina residents often must travel across the Twin Cities metro area to participate in hockey and skating activities. An expanded Braemar Arena would allow Edina’s athletes and families to enjoy more ice time closer to home as well as support more tournaments and events that draw visitors from across the region.

  • More natural area restoration within parks (including nature trails) for education and to maintain the environment.

  • Preserving Edina's water resources and improving our ability to manage excess rainfall and prevent flooding.

  • Making more playground areas available within parks (including nature trails) for education and to maintain the environment.

  • Providing additional adult and senior sports and recreation programming year-round.

  • Replacing obsolete and inefficient lighting that extends play times throughout the year and offering improved winter programming and facilities.

Guided by feedback from residents, City leaders and staff put forward a $71 million investment plan for Braemar Park and Arena and Fred Richards that would be pursued in two phases.

Voters approved a half-percent sales tax to finance Phase One in November 2022. Phase One will support new amenities and upgrades at Braemar Park and Arena and transform Fred Richards into a multi-faceted City park.

Did you know? Braemar Arena is home to The Edina High School hockey teams, the Edina Hockey Association, Breakaway Academy and the Braemar-City of Lakes Figure Skating Club.

Phase Two will provide $31.7 million to support the expansion of Braemar Arena.
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