What The Plan Will Do

An investment in Edina’s parks, recreation and quality of life

Guided by feedback from residents, City leaders and staff have proposed a $64.6 million investment in Braemar Park and Arena and Fred Richards.

With a proposed investment of $17.7 million, repurposing Fred Richards Park would include:

  • New trails
  • Eight new pickleball courts and new basketball court.
  • Restoration of native vegetation and additional trees, shrubs, play nodes and wildlife habitat structures.
  • Inclusive playground areas that support children of all abilities.
  • A pavilion and lawn games area.

  • Improvements to the clubhouse facility to support programming, and expanded food and beverage options.
  • New lighting, seating, signs and infrastructure.
  • A great lawn area with high-quality drainage.
  • Parking and access via West 77th Street.

An investment of $8.1 million in Braemar Park would include:

  • A new trail system for better walking, mountain biking and cross-country skiing.
  • New pickleball and/or platform tennis courts.
  • Upgrades to the baseball complex.
  • A playground.
  • Wayfinding signs and trail connections.
  • Restored natural resources and wildlife habitat.
  • Improved parking and access to Braemar Golf Course, Braemar Arena and Courtney Fields.

An investment of $13.5 million in critical infrastructure updates at Braemar Arena would include:

  • Replaced HVAC system.
  • Updated roof.
  • Improved energy efficiency.
  • Improved accessibility for residents with disabilities.
  • Upgraded restrooms and locker rooms.
  • Improved rink surfaces and the rink cooling system.

An investment of $25.3 million to expand Braemar Arena* would include:

  • Demolition of the South Rink and building two new ice rinks, resulting in four indoor rinks and one outdoor seasonal rink.
  • A safe drop-off/pick-up area.
  • More parking.
  • A larger lobby.

*This portion of the project still requires approval by the State Legislature in 2023 before it can be considered by Edina voters.

What if the referendum does not pass?

If voters do not approve the sales tax referendum, the City of Edina will reengage residents about how to move forward with an investment in both parks and determine whether they prefer changing the funding option, the amount of the investment to read, or the package of improvements.

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