A new way to play in Edina.


A new way to play in Edina.


A new way to play in Edina.


Edinans work hard and play hard. Over the past two years, some of our best places to play -
Braemar Park and Arena and Fred Richards Park - have been in play themselves. In November 2023, Edina voters approved a referendum to use collections from the City's half-percent sales tax to invest $37.1 million to expand Braemar Arena and complete other major improvements at the facility. The Braemar Arena expansion is the second part of a comprehensive $71 million plan to invest in Braemar Park and Arena and Fred Richards Park. Edina voters approved Phase One in 2022, which will support new amenities and upgrades at Braemar Park and Arena and transform Fred Richards Park into a multi-faceted City park.



Why a local sales tax option to pay for
these projects?

The Edina City Council determined that the cost of the projects should be shared among residents and nonresidents who buy goods and services in the city rather than use a property tax increase, which would be paid solely by those who own commercial and residential property in the city. Approximately 54 percent of the sales tax increase will be paid by nonresidents of Edina, according to an analysis by the University of Minnesota.


Is the sales tax referendum permanent?

No. The sales tax expires in 19 years. If the bonds for the projects are paid off before then, the sales tax expires earlier. The only way the tax could be extended or used for other projects would be if the Legislature authorized the change and Edina voters approved.


Where can I find more information?

Residents are encouraged to explore this website for more information. If you have questions, please connect with us here.

When we invest in parks, we are investing in Edina’s quality of life as well as the local economy.”

- Mayor James B. Hovland

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